Knowledge and Competence Management



The goal of this course is to get students acquainted with the principles and techniques of Knowledge and Competence Management within the framework of Organizational Learning and to help them develop a set of critical skills that will enable them to employ Knowledge and Competence Management Systems.

Course Contents

  • Part A – Knowledge Management: Introduction to Knowledge Management, the nature of Knowledge (what Knowledge is, different Types of Knowledge: procedural-declarative, tacit-explicit, general-specific). Issues related with Knowledge Management (Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Capture and Acquisition, Knowledge Sharing, Knowledge Application), Knowledge Management Systems.
  • Part B – Competence Management: Introduction to Competence Management, Competence Models, International Specifications for Competence Description, Competence Management Systems.
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  • Cheetham G. & Chivers G. (2005). Professions, Competence and Informal Learning, Edward Elgar Publishing.