e-Learning Systems



The goal of this course is to get students acquainted with the principles and techniques of web-based education and e-learning systems and to help them develop a set of critical skills and competencies that will enable them to design and develop e-Learning systems and courses.

Course Contents

  • Web-based Education (definitions, history, advantages/disadvantages, typical examples of web-based education).
  • A Conceptual Framework of Web-based Education.
  • Tools for authoring and managing e-Learning Content (Case Study: Lectora).
  • Tools for authoring and managing e-Learning Activities (Case Study: LAMS).
  • e-Course Management Systems (Case Study: Moodle).
  • Planning and Evaluating Web-based Educational Programmes.
  • Quality Issues in Web-based Education.
  • Horton W. (2006): E-Learning by Design, Pfeiffer Wiley.
  • Horton W. & Horton K. (2003): E-Learning Tools and Technologies, Wiley Publishing.