The analysis of the basic design and implementation principles of programming languages. The description of the ways with which these principles are applied in modern programming languages.

Course Contents

  • Introduction – Overview of Modern Programming Languages.
  • Language Definition (Regular Expressions – Automata – Context-Free Grammars).
  • Programming Language Structure (Variables, Types and Scoping, Control Flow and Evaluation of Expressions, Subroutines, Iterative and Recursive Processes, Memory Management and Communication).
  • The Compiling/Interpretation Process (Lectical Analysis, Syntactic Analysis, Code Production & Optimization, Linking).
  • Scott M. L. (2005): Programming Language Pragmatics (2nd Edition), Morgan Kaufmann.
  • Aho A.V., Lam M.S., Sethi R. & Ullman J.D. (2006): Compilers: Principles, Techniques and Tools (2nd Edition), Addison Wesley.