Didactics of Digital Technologies



The aim of this course is to help learners acquire knowledge on curricula, recommendations and teaching strategies that can be applied to computer science courses at primary, secondary and higher education. It focuses on strategies for analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of lesson plans in programming courses.

Course Contents

  • Demanding tuitional concepts concerning computer science courses.
  • Teaching guidelines about digital literacy, curricula and teaching recommendations for computer science courses at primary, secondary educational level.
  • Educational tools like Jeroo, KarelRobot, Alice, Scrach.
  • Design and development of educational games.
  • UNESCO & IFIP (2002): Information and Communication Technology in Secondary Education – A Curriculum for Schools, Edited by Tom van Weert. Paris: UNESCO, 2002.
  • Bennedsen J., Caspersen M.E. & Kölling M. (2008): Reflections on the Teaching of Programming Methods and Implementations, Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 4821.