External Evaluation of Department of Digital Systems

The external evaluation of the Department of Digital Systems took place in the time frame from the 7th until the 11th of October.

The results are extremely positive, acknowledge the tremendous efforts of all its members, and provide motivation and momentum for continuing towards even higher standards of quality and productivity.

Final Conclusions of the External Evaluation:

“The bottom line of our evaluation is the pleasant and, somewhat surprising, realization that a unit created as recently as 1999 and with a current faculty size of only 22 individuals (with a healthy, but improvable, mix of genders) has created a world-class programme both in teaching and research with impressive accomplishments and success stories across the board of its coverage areas (that include both traditional areas like infrastructure systems, telecommunication networks, etc., as well as innovative application areas like e-learning, health systems, and security). This is not common in the Greek academic environment.”

The associated Report can be found here.

CNNMoney Survey for Best Jobs in USA 2013

Graduate students of the Department of Digital Systems of the University of Piraeus have acquired, through the undergraduate and postgraduate programs, knowledge that is relevant to at least 30 of the 100 best specializations of the future as these were published by CNNMoney Survey for Best Jobs in USA 2013.

Best Jobs in USA 2013 – CNNMoney/ <http://www.payscale.com> PayScale’s top 100 careers with big growth, great pay and satisfying work


1. Biomedical Engineer

3. Software Architect

7. Software Developer

8. IT Configuration Manger

12. User Interface Engineer

14. Database Administrator

15. Video Game Designer

16. Telecommunications Networks Engineer

22. Application Engineer

30. ERP Consultant

31. Consulting Software Engineer

32. IT Data Scientist

36. Forensic Computer Analyst

38. Computer Security Specialist

42. IT Business Analyst

46. Network Manager

47. Informatics Nurse

53. Computer System Integrator

57. Network Security Manager

58. Data Management Analyst

60. Software Development Manager

65. IT Training Specialist

68. Employee Trainer

69. Database Manager

73. Technical Support Engineer

76. Instructional Designer

77. Business Intelligence Manager

78. Software Quality Assurance Manager

91. Public Health Educator

93. Education Program Manager