Quality Assurance Policy

The Department of Digital Systems recognizes quality as a key means of achieving an excellent level of academic and research work. Staff and students develop activities that are consistent with the quality policy of the Department, in line with the values ​​and goals of the University of Piraeus.

The Digital Systems Department’s Quality Policy expresses the terms and states the Department’s commitment to ensuring the quality of its Degree Programs, as well as its overall performance, in line with the international requirements for higher education quality. The Quality Policy applies to all members of the academic community of the Department, as well as those parties who in any way cooperate, assist and are affected by the quality of the Department’s work and results.


In view of the above, the Department of Digital Systems is committed to implementing a Quality Policy that defines specific goals, means and processes of quality, evaluation and continuous improvement, supporting its academic profile, orientation and goals of its curricula, the development of its human resources (staff and students), the development of its research action, and the development of innovation, reinforcing its interconnection with international bodies and with the local community.

To implement this Policy, the Digital Systems Division commits to implement quality processes that ensure:

  • (a) The appropriateness of the structure and organization of curricula
  • (b) The pursuit of learning outcomes and qualifications in accordance with the European and National Higher Education Qualifications Framework
  • (c) Promoting the quality and effectiveness of teaching work
  • (d) The relevance of the qualifications of the teaching staff to its targeted outcomes and goals
  • (e) Promoting the quality and quantity of the research work of the academic unit members
  • (f) Ways of linking teaching with research
  • (g) The level of demand for graduates in the labor market
  • (h) The quality of support services, such as administrative services, libraries and student care services
  • (i) Conducting the annual review and internal audit of the quality assurance system as well as OMEA’s cooperation with University of Piraeus MODIP and ADIP