Multimedia Technology

Professors Nikitas-Marinos Sgouros
Course category OPT/CIS
Course ID DS-402
Credits 5
Lecture hours 3 hours
Lab hours 2 hours
Digital resources View on Aristarchus (Open e-Class)

Learning Outcomes

This course is the basic introductory course for the perception, representation and management of digital media through computational methods.

The course material focuses on the introduction of the students to the basic concepts and algorithms for the representation, processing and interaction with digital audiovisual media. Moreover, the course material refers to the description of the correlation between computational techniques and human perception in media environments.

The course seeks to make students understand the ways with which is possible the development and management of media sources in coomputational systems.

With the successful completion of the course the student will be capable of:

  • understanding the basic and important features of the computational representation, processing and interaction with digital audiovisual media.
  • knowing the major features of the tools and development methods of digital audiovisual environments and applications.

Course Contents

  • Definition and classification of multimedia technologies.
  • Audio and visual perception.
  • Audio processing.
  • Image and video processing.
  • Design and development of multimedia systems.