Final Year Project

Professors Faculty Members
Course category Core
Course ID DS-907
Credits 5
Lecture hours -
Lab hours -
Digital resources View on Aristarchus (Open e-Class)

The final year project is carried out under the supervision of one of the faculty members and involves – at a first stage – the identification of the subject/ technological problem to be addressed and  the associated data collection. The output of the project, namely the description of the problem formulation, the solution definition and implementation and the illustration of results and final conclusions, is presented in the final year project thesis.

The final year project aims to

  • Exercise and extend the student’s academic skills, by enabling in depth understanding of the context of (a part of) a discipline. This may be achieved by exploiting particular skills or knowledge acquired from taught courses.
  • Exercise and extend professional skills by testing the student’s ability to research, organise, report and present the results if his/her work and develop initiative and independent thinking.