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MSc Dissertation

The master thesis project is carried out under the supervision of one of the faculty members and involves – at a first stage – the identification of the research topic/ technological problem to be addressed and the research of literature for existing state-of-the-art. The output of the project, namely the description of the research area, […]

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Business Analytics and Decision Optimization Techniques

Objective The course aims at familiarizing the students with fundamental modeling techniques and analytic methods, for the support of decision making in operational business environments. The covered methodologies constitute invaluable tools in optimizing decision making, in all modern business environments. The expected learning outcome includes the ability of development and analysis of optimization models and […]

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Management and Business Plan Development

Objective Through the understanding and practical knowledge they will get through this course, students will be able to: Understand what is a Business Plan and why we need it and the importance of a well written business plan for the success of the organization Identify risks and potential hazards of a proposed business plan and […]

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Business Strategy and Investments

Objective The course provides an understanding of the general financial framework within which business organisations operate both from a theoretical and a practical perspective, in particular how they examine issues relating to the raising and the uses of finance by making of investment decisions. It provides students with a more detailed analysis of certain aspects […]

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