Instructional Design of Adult Learning Programs



This course presents, in theory and practice, subjects concerning the education of adults. It explores continuing lifelong learning, which is developed through the evolution of traditional approaches in the education of adults. Students attending the course will be introduced to the institutions, financing and policies of continuing education, will learn, how to determine the needs and practices of teaching adults, the role of instructor of adults, the psychology of adults and how to develop programs of training using modern methods of teaching. More specifically, the course aims the acquisition of knowledge and dexterities for all stages of designing adult learning programs, creating materials (in printed and digital form) for educational purposes (from analysis to evaluation and maintenance) through practices, standardised methods and models. Furthermore it emphasizes in practical subjects and particular in the techniques and tools that are developed for virtual training communities of adults.

Course Contents

  • Topics on adult educational principles.
  • Role of instructor of adults.
  • Design of adult learning programs.
  • Lifelong learning and employment.
  • Greek policy in adult education.
  • Quality assurance of adult learning programmes.
  • Advanced technologies for adult education such as mobile learning, adaptive educational hypermedia learning and computer supported collaborative learning communities.
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