1st Semester


DS-209 Operating Systems [C] K. Lambrinoudakis, A. Meliones , A. Galani, C. Manousopoulos

DS-014 Logic and Logic Programming [C] A. Meliones

DS-006 Mathematical Analysis – Linear Algebra [C] M. Filippakis

DS-010 Probability Theory [C] M. Filippakis


The aim of the course is to introduce the area of probability theory and explain the fundamental concepts.

Course Contents

  • Accidental experiment, samples and possibilities.
  • Definitions of possibilities.
  • Finite samples with results of equal possibilities.
  • Provisions, combinations, binomial theorem.
  • Committed probability.
  • The multiplicative theorem.
  • Total probability and Bayes theorem.
  • Independent trials.
  • Random variables, probability distributions.
  • Parameters of distributions, interrelation of distribution accidental variables.
  • One-dimensional distributions.
  • Continuous distributions.
  • Generators of proneness; probabilities generators.
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DS-501 C Programming [C] D. Kyriazis


The goal of this course is to introduce basic programming principles using the C programming language. C is a principal programming language and a fundamental component of C++ and Java. During the course the students become familiar with the concepts and principles of structured programming, and they gain the basic knowledge for the comprehension and easier learning of other programming languages in the sequel.

Course Contents

  • Algorithms, pseudo code, concepts of programming languages, main elements of a c program.
  • Data types, variables, operands and expressions: types, declarations and variable initialization, type modifiers, type casting.
  • Flow control: if, if…else, for, while, do etc. Use of logical and relational operands.
  • Arrays and strings: use, creation and management of single-dimension and multi-dimensional arrays, use, creation and management of strings.
  • Pointers, definition and initialization, use of pointers.
  • Functions: function prototypes, recursive functions, function arguments/parameters, passing arguments to the main() function.
  • Input/output functions, file management.
  • Structures, unions and enumerations.
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