Climate Crisis and Information and Communication Technologies

1st Semester

ΨΣ-ΜΚΚ-301 Energy Systems and Climate Crisis [M] I. Maniatis

ΨΣ-ΜΚΚ-302 Smart State – Digital Multi-Level Governance [M] I. Maniatis, G. Vouros, C. Xenakis

ΨΣ-ΜΚΚ-303 Digital/Smart Agriculture – Environment, International Practices [M] I. Maniatis , G. Zalidis, Α. Doganis, Μ. Κorasidis

  • Course Code ΨΣ-ΜΚΚ-303 Type of Course Mandatory [M]
  • Semester 1st Semester Faculty Ioannis Maniatis
  • G. Zalidis, Α. Doganis, Μ. Κorasidis
  • ECTS Credits 7,5

ΨΣ-ΜΚΚ-304 Climate Crisis, ICT and Transportation [M] I. Maniatis , A. Polydoropoyloy, Α. Doganis, A. Tsirimpa

  • Course Code ΨΣ-ΜΚΚ-304 Type of Course Mandatory [M]
  • Semester 1st Semester Faculty Ioannis Maniatis
  • A. Polydoropoyloy, Α. Doganis, A. Tsirimpa
  • ECTS Credits 7,5

2nd Semester

ΨΣ-ΜΚΚ-701 Energy and Digitilization – European and National priorities [M] I. Maniatis, M. Filippakis, G. Vouros, S. Gritzalis

ΨΣ-ΜΚΚ-702 Smart Cities and Communities – Principles and Technologies [M] I. Maniatis, A. Alexiou, C. Lambrinoudakis, S. Retalis, D. Sampson, A. Kanatas , Α. Doganis

ΨΣ-ΜΚΚ-703 Advanced Applications of Digital Agriculture and Sustainability [M] A. Rouskas, G. Vouros, I. Maniatis , G. Zalidis

ΨΣ-ΜΚΚ-704 Climate Crisis, ICT and Logistics [M] G. Vouros, S. Gritzalis , Α. Polydoropoyloy, Ε. Aggeletopoylos

3rd Semester

ΨΣ-ΜΚΚ-900 MSc Thesis [M] Member of faculty

  • Course Code ΨΣ-ΜΚΚ-900 Type of Course Mandatory [M]
  • Semester 3rd Semester FacultyMember of faculty
  • ECTS Credits 30

The master thesis project is carried out under the supervision of one of the faculty members and involves – at a first stage – the identification of the research topic/ technological problem to be addressed and the research of literature for existing state-of-the-art. The output of the project, namely the description of the research area, the problem formulation, the solution definition and implementation and the illustration of results and final conclusions and recommendations, is presented in the master thesis.

The master thesis project aims to

  • Extend the student’s academic skills, introduce them to a certain research area and potentially motivate them to continue their research work beyond the completion of their Master’s Degree. This may be achieved not only by exploiting particular skills and knowledge acquired from taught courses but also by enhancing their ability to tackle a novel research area and/or problem.
  • Expand the student’s professional skills by developing/improving their ability to research, manage/organise information, think creatively, pursue innovation and report adequately the findings of their research.
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